Board of Directors

President | Gateway Newstands
240 Chrislea Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8V1, Canada

Noah Aychental is currently president of Gateway Newstands and established his career with the company in 1994.

Noah started his career very early, stringing tennis rackets at Mayfair Racquet Club, then working at Wilson Niblett Chevrolet.  Noah’s passion for cars led him into acquiring an automobile dealer’s license and at the age of 16 had a part time business of buying and trading antique and collectible cars, boats, motorcycles and anything else that moved.

The car business quickly became very part time in 1994 after graduating from York University with a BA in Political Science and immediately going into Gateway Newstands, the family business.  Noah has served as a Board Member of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA), the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA) and is currently chairman of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA).

Following his father’s lead, Noah is an avid motorcycle rider, loves cars, performance boats, kayaking, paddle boarding, travelling, collecting art, and spending time in warm weather climates during the winter months. 

Noah was born in Toronto, currently lives in Richmond Hill with is partner, Chris.  He is a Proud uncle to two impressionable Nephews; a fantastic and dedicated brother to his sister Rachel, whom Noah works with side by side at Gateway Newstands, and loving son to Michael and Marci.