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  • While caffeine remains one of the world’s most sought-after pick-me-ups in the world, it is a good time and a great time to get the low down on exactly how much caffeine you are consuming.

  • While the CCSA is encouraged by some measures in today’s federal budget to support small businesses, the government’s decision to hike excise rates could upend the commitment to fight contraband tobacco. 

  • Jan1Mon

    Ricola joins CCSA

    January 1, 2018
    The CCSA is proud to announce that Ricola has joined the CCSA as a National Associate Member for 2018. We are happy that Ricola has identified c-stores as a priority retail channel for their products, which focus on the health and wellness of their customers.
  • As federal legislation regarding plain packaging for tobacco products works its way through the system, two important pieces of evidence could, and should, have an impact on how our lawmakers decide to proceed.
  • On Wednesday, August 30th, Canadians from coast to coast to coast will take time out of their day to help celebrate their local convenience store and the special place it holds in the community.  

  • Health Canada is in the midst of consulting on whether to restrict food advertising to children under 17. It seems this 'consultation' is nothing more than a rubber stamp for public measures to protect us from ourselves.
  • Jun27Tue

    Is It Time To Cap Credit Card Fees?

    June 27, 2017
    There is a $5 billion issue that's been simmering right under Canadians noses, and the federal government may finally be ready to do something about it.
  • Canadians have always loved convenience. A network of 26,000 convenience stores across the country, open at convenient hours, offering thousands of products in every neighbourhood in the country, is proof of that.
  • The federal government is proposing to further reduce smoking among Canadians, particularly young people, by removing all branding from tobacco products. While convenience retailers support this goal, we question whether plain packaging is the best way to get there.