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    Canadian Convenience Stores Association is the national voice for convenience retailers!

    Working alongside our regional and national affiliated Associations, we bring together the retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers in the convenience retail channel, which serve 10 million customers each day across the country.

    Explore our website to learn more about our members, how to join our associations, issues affecting our retail channel and the services and benefits that we provide to our members to help them grow their business and the overall convenience retail channel.   

    About Canada's Convenience Retail Channel

    There are over 26,000 convenience stores throughout Canada, which collectively employ over 227,000 people and serve 10 million customers every day in communities across the country.

    While each of these stores are small businesses, collectively they pack a big economic punch, contributing more than $56 billion per year to the Canadian economy and collecting over $21 billion in taxes that support vital public services. 

    Our retail channel has been a staple of our local communities for decades. It provides employment and store ownership opportunities to new immigrants. And, it ensures that essential consumer products are readily available in urban, rural and remote regions of the country. 

    Serving over 10 million customers a day, convenience stores truly are the heart of our neighbourhoods!